Donation FAQ’s

How do I donate to WNCCA Radio?
Our most convenient method is the Donate Button on our website via PayPal. You can do that securely online with any size donation. Please make sure the Purpose line reads “WNCCA Radio”.

Who are Covenant Partners?
Everyone who donates financially is considered a partner in ministry with us because they are making a difference in the lives of others in our community and across the globe. So individuals who do this are Covenant Partners. And when organizations like businesses, churches and other organizations support WNCCA Radio, they are referred to as Business Covenant Partners.

Who Can Partner with WNCCA Radio?
Anyone can partner with WNCCA Radio. Especially those whose hearts beat with ours to share the unconditional love of Jesus to this generation and generations to come.
Our Covenant Partners, at every level, provide the all-important ongoing support needed to help reach thousands of lives every day worldwide.
What is the main purpose of WNCCA Radio's ministry?
WNCCA Radio is a non-profit, faith-based and donor-supported organization, whose Mission is to use media in a culturally relevant way to show the true unconditional love of Jesus to this generation and generations to come.

How does WNCCA Radio use my donation?
Your donation is used to keep WNCCA Radio on-the-air. It begins impacting you and thousands of others in our community, giving you the opportunity to make a difference, join other causes and especially grow in your personal faith each day!

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